About Dave

Dave was born in Rotterdam South. He grew up at a stone’s throw from major industrial areas Botlek and Europoort. “At home it always smelled of synthetic Christmas trees” Dave jokes. After finishing high school at Capelle he moved back to live on his own in “the best city in the whole world” Rotterdam. He studied at the School for Journalism and Public Relations in the city of Utrecht and very soon he turned up behind the microphone for regional station Radio Rijnmond. Not soon after that he made his debut before the camera for TV Rijnmond.

For five years on end he starred alongside a big variety of artists in the annual Christmas show Dave On Stage Bonte Kerstavond. 1.5 million television viewers tuned in to also enjoy performances by Holland’s biggest stars. Every single big name made it to Dave On Stage.

Next to his work for Rijnmond Dave also works for several other tv shows, he made pilots for other production companies and is still active as freelance reporter for the daily national prime time show ‘RTL Boulevard’ and for Radio/TV Rijnmond. Over the last few years Dave has dedicated himself to promoting the city of Rotterdam.
Theatre remains a big passion, bringing him to writing and participating in the 2011 theatre tour of Glenda Peters (first winner of the talent show ‘De Soundmix Show’)
In 2013 Dave wrote a full evening theatre and illusion show together with master illusionist Christian Farla called "Vegas Aan De Maas". With this production Dave's international theatre career started. In 2014 Dave played the role of Scrooge during the TV broadcast of "A Christmas Carol". In 2015 he was touring again with Christian Farla during the production of "The Night Of Illusions".
Because of the lack of variety culture in The Netherlands, Dave founded Dave's Wintervariété in 2017. He produced a full evening variety show with an international cast in an antique Spiegeltent. During this production he was noticed by German variety producer Stephan Masur who invited him to play the role based on the character of Dr. Frank-N-Furter in his 2018 production of Varietespektakel.
Dave's Wintervariété 2017 formed the base for The Dutch Variety Foundation (Stichting Variété Nederland). Together with David Severins he produces three new variety productions every year. 

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